OOO «SOLAR» is a leading Ukrainian company, which makes medical chart papers for diagnostic equipment. Today, we can offer you high-quality production, which is made on Italian machines with using German raw materials.


The goods are made on the modern European machines using German raw materials. It is competitive with world-known analogues and has good and stabile quality. All stages of production are controlled according to the international quality control standard ISO 9001, which is confirmed by the certificate of Conformity for the quality management system of DSTU ISO 9001: 2015 (ISO 9001: 2015, IDT) and the CE declaration of conformity.


Our company has convenient geographical location in the center of Europe, which allows to deliver orders quickly to Europe and CIS countries without limiting of volume or weigh - by small and large consignments. Our experience allows us to produce medical chart papers for all existing types of cardiographs, fetal monitors, EEG apparatus, ultrasound and other medical equipment.

Our Mission

OOO «Solar» was founded in 2005 and has been successfully developing and working on the paper market in Ukraine, Europe and CIS. Our mission is to make our customers competitive on their own markets. The basic principle of our company is to work individually with each client, providing a competitive price and high quality products.

Our own production has the next advantages:

  • it is fully compatible with all brands of medical equipment;
  • high and stable quality;
  • high density, high sensitivity;
  • variety of paper thickness and long term of the storage of printed image;
  • attractive and comfortable packaging;
  • competitive production.

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Medical chart papers are produced with using German raw materials

We take care of a permanent stock of raw materials in the warehouse, which allows to avoid delays in production and shipments of the ready goods.

The control of all stages of production

All stages of production, from printing to rewinding and packaging are planned and controlled for optimization of manufacturing, efficiency and timeliness of deliveries.

We always have big range of final products in our warehouse

Big attention is payed to the availability of more than one hundred types of requested products on the warehouse which are ready for shipment for satisfying all customer’s requests.




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